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Thread: Can I Run Ffxi W/ This New Comp?

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    i dunno wheather to post this in hardware or gameware. but i figure gameworld becuz its kinda realted to a game.

    but like the question says, heres the spec

    western digital 80 gig hdd
    geforce 4 inno3d fx 5200 128mb ddr
    384 mb of ddr 266 ram
    window xp home edition
    and a amd 1900+

    so is that good enough? or should i not even bother buying the game.

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    buy it the best mmorpg ...well maybe not better then priston tale but i havent played it much i have to get into the story then its the best

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    so now that i know that i can run it, what type of fps should i get at 1024x768? would it be playable at that ? or do i have to have it at800x600

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    well i dont know how to find the fps in ff11 but when im in game on top of screen there is this thing that says 100% i think thats the connection thing so im 56k and im using 1024x768 and 100% is no lag at all so...yea andur pc is as good as mine

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    whoooooooaaaaaaa you have 56k and u play this w/ no lag??????? and to think i pay 4x as much for cable....

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    well your lucky you have on 56k i want to download need for speed and i cant it will take so long ((( if i had cable i would get it in 2-3 hours oh well

    but MOST mmorpgs dont lag on 56k

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    Download the benchmark and find out for sure.


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