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    Tracker Name: PhoenixItalia (PI)
    Tracker URL:
    Signup URL: Invite only
    Tracker Type: General
    Tracker Birthday: February, 2006

    Tracker Description

    From the ashes of the first italian tracker TorrentItalia, born PhoenixItalia in February 2006. It's an italian general tracker, it has a theme inspired to the ancient Roman Empire, it has a strong forum community where you can talk about pretty much everything, ask for help and request reseeds of old files. The best thing is that has internal groups that provide games, movies, tv series, music and comics with high quality releases. It is ratio based, however keeping up a good ratio is not very hard, it's only 0,6. There are freeleech, semi-free and double up torrents to help out if you dug yourself into a hole. Each torrent has it's own release where you will find from the review and technical infos. Every month PI staff makes a survey to pick Magnificus Releasers in every category. PI is tracking over 1,5K torrents that are well organized (see Browse screenshot below). No archived content is allowed on PI and scene torrents are extracted before being uploaded.


    Tracker stats

    Torrent Categories & Browse Page

    Forum Home

    Forum sections



    Banned clients

    Invite System

    Each user can ask for invites to the STAFF that will decide if grant them or not considering the user reputation and activity on the forum and tracker. If the invitee get banned, the inviter lose is invite privilege.

    Donation System/Page

    PI likes to keep this information private. Sorry.

    Ratings & Personal Commentary

    Content: 7/10
    Tv series is really an active category, the internal group is very fast in releasing episodes after the tv air. Movies has an internal group that produces high quality xvid rips, as like music and comics.

    Speed: 7/10
    Speed is good. A lot of releasers own seedboxes, but normal users upload speed is low 'cause italian adsl sucks.

    Community: 10/10
    Very active in the forums. There is a bar and lab section where you can talk about everything. If you have a software or an hardware problem, there are competent users that can help you solve them.
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