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Thread: Vampire The Masquerade Redemption: Death In Prague

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    anyone heard of this game or have any details on when its coming out?.... i played the first one of it and it totally rulz, but i have no info on the next one coming out.......
    i hope u guys do.

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    The only info I've heard so far is:-


    Developer:Nihilistic. Publisher:Activision
    Release date:Unknown

    You could also look here :- Planetvampire Though the last update isn't recent.

    Hopefully someone else might have more upto date info, but hope this helps.

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    yeah i checked that site, thats the same info i got

    i downloaded the game of someone in kazaa but two of the files were corrupt lol so it asked me to redownload, can't anymore though coz it wont show up in the search

    anyone have it?... and can i pls download it of them , reallly like it
    its called

    Vampire the masquerade redemption (the first one)

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    What the hell?

    That has been out ages, methinks you are talking about Vampire: The Masquerad Redemption: Bloodlines

    I really have no idea though, since Masquerade Redemption was out ages ago wasn't it?
    Or am I confused?

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    yep vampire the masquerade redemption is old,

    i dont know if you played but its the one with Christof, Wilhem etc.,

    it is kinda old and i cant find it in shops lol


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