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Thread: Playing Pc Games On Xbox...

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    It is recognized that there is a hole in 007 Nightfire's Saving capabilities... During saving, you can install any type of Software onto the Xbox... This is how Linux was first installed.

    Now what happens if you were to install a PC Game? Whether by that method or by using a PC/XBOX FTP

    If Xbox runs on a modified version of Win2000... Would it not be possible for the game to run?

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    nah. at best, someone might be able to create an emulator to run a PC game on Xbox, or a conversion sort of like they converted games like Doom and Quake to run on Dreamcast... but you can't just run the game "as is."

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    i think the xbox is a powerful machine but i dont think that its powerful enoough to run a pc game. well at least one in the past year or so

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    I suppose you could install linux on the XBOX and then get winex running on it.

    Then you could play PC games and other win32 apps on the XBOX

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    I wanna know if its possible with linux on the xbox with winex

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    Xbox runs Windows CE, so unless an emulator was created, no...

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    No i meant if you install xbox linux then install winex.


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