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Thread: Has Any1 Seen Or Downloaded..............

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    my m8 in work has seen the dvd and it sounds the nutz but i cant seem to find it on kazaa anyone seen or downloaded it off of kazaa????

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    i have it is 2 disk its a awsome movie

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    yah its 1 sick movie and ya its on kazaa xvid format what i got

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    amazing movie, a must c if you like your gore & a whole lot of nasty shit...

    I did have this on DVD lent in 2 my sister's BF & never got it back bastard....

    but iam downloading it of Suprnova

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    it's also a very funny movie. it's a "gangster" movie, but it's really about S&M.

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    Originally posted by wallsy@19 November 2003 - 19:33
    seen or downloaded it off of kazaa????
    Not in kazaa but I did d/l from one of the movie newsgroups about a month ago.
    It's off my puter though. Already encoded & burned to svcd. You might post a request in one or 2 newsgroups and could get lucky.

    A crying killer in a black Gamera-like costume. Those Japanese can get really weird.

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    Edit** The bit previously here contained spoilers, my evaluation of the end (what i thought of the movie) but then realised you hadn't seen it. so sorry if i wrecked it on you.

    good movie, very strange. Miike said it wasn't his best or a special movie, not meant to be great. he just wanted something gory (as opposed to his movie Audition, where he goes along the theme of how peoples desires, fears and thoughts can manifest into characters in dreams)

    I've seen it on eMule, but have seen it on SuprNova too. It's strange, these Japanese movies seem to be becoming popular now. When i started getting into them, no high street shops sold them, no sources on the internet (the file usualy wasn't picked up) so had to order the dvds online. Now, you walk into Virgin Megastores and theres a whole shelf dedicated to Japanese movies!

    I guess it must have been the damned Americans remake of the Ring which brought a new larger fan-base. Now most of Hideo's films are getting re-kade (Ring2, Dark Water, Choas...) and he has also been asked I believe to do hollywood movies. I just hope this new large and ever growing popularity doesn't give the Japanese movie industry the hollywood touch. The movies over there are unique and don't follow the equation which America say makes a good movie. lets hope that never changes.

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    yeah, japan was way better when only ezyryder was the only person who knew about it.

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    ...ok mr 3RA1N1AC. That is exactly what I was saying, good boy. I can't believe you managed to interpret what I said all on your own! ...And without mummy or daddy to help! good lad. Oh and one more thing, Grow up.

    I was saying that countries which develop that great individuality which is - to most - new and fresh, it's a shame when it becomes too popular. America is the worst for doing this to countries. What do they do? They wreck it. It will start with everyone viewing the movies, then the Hollywood remakes will flood in. Eventually Japan will want to keep up with the popularity with the American versions of thier movies (or anything, this idea can be used in any context) and sell out to the money and ratings, because America has wrecked what was theirs. It may not happen, but its likely its sudden growth in popularity may wreck the movies originality.

    That is what I meant, not what you seemed to have thought 3RA1N1AC.

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    your accusation of immaturity and explanation of how much america & hollywood suck still doesn't change the fact that you're talking like a hipster elitist-- i.e. "i heard about it before all the riff raff heard about it, and it'll prolly start to suck when it gets too popular." that's immaturity to the nth, imho, and that's what i was getting at: the "i liked it way back when it was hip and secret and thus better" attitude.


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