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Thread: Downloaded Gta Vice City Won't Work

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    Hi All,
    I've downloaded two versions of GTA Vice City via Kazaa.
    After virus checking, I try to open the file in my Shared Folder. The following message appears:
    "unable to open file".
    What gives?

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    whats the file extention?

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    i wud guess they r Corrupt... the majority of gta files on Kazaa r fooked gud...

    use suprnova 2 get GTA

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    agreed bittorrent or emule, both have built in corruption handling, if its the bin/cues then try running it through cdmage, it might, MIGHT have a chance of fixing it

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    Not sure of the file extension.
    Just used the search within Kazaa.

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    fucking smurfland y'idjit
    Originally posted by pants@20 November 2003 - 09:09
    Not sure of the file extension.
    Just used the search within Kazaa.
    Why don't you have a look, then?

    Look, we're all willing to help here but you'll find we can be much more helpful if you make a little effort yourself.
    You could've read the responses, checked the extension and then posted so that we'd have something to go on. If it's on another machine or you've deleted it, then just say so so we can ingnore the thread if need be.
    I don't believe that this sort of common sense is beyond you and if you're gonna download & install warez or images, you're gonna need some initiative.

    Don't think youi've been flamed here because you haven't; this is a friendly pointer toward helping you get the most from any helping community.
    if your font size is this small i'll add you to my ignore list because you're wasting my time, OK?

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    Posting in the wrong section isn't gonna give you much nice comments either.

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    I got GTA VC from Emule, and it was also a bit corrupted. Then what I did was looking in kazzalite for the italian read-me file which caused the problem during the instalation and then replace it before burning the cd one more time. I had also some problems with the crack, I couldn't replace, the .exe by the crack,so I just used the same method. But if you do that be very carefull, checking that the sizes of the files are the same, cos you might download and run viruses if you don't check.

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    Let me just clarify, I'm not lacking common sense, but rather lacking the knowledge bro.
    I don't actually know how to check the extension for the downloaded file. Care to tell me?
    Sorry i posted in the wrong section: what section should this be in?


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