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Thread: Lotr:fotree & Ttee "big Problems"

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    ok ill start here by saying i downloaded the extended editions of the LOTR: "Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Towers".

    I follow the converting guide (TMPGEnc DVD) on DVDRHelp.
    but when i try to extract the audio to .wav with VDub its always 1 second less than the video it-self. (eg. Video.file: 1:46:36. Audio.wav.file: 1:46:35.) and this is a major problem because i tried to convert with the shorter wav file and all hte audio was out of sync.

    i want to know why its doing this.

    Plz Help!

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    Not sure really, but why don't you just download it in the format that you are looking for?

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    you using the latest codec?

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    Yes i have all the codecs.


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