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Thread: Burning Something On A Cd Without A Cd Burner?

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    All you need is the I386 folder on your computer - then go to and download the Windows XP Custom Install Disk and copy it to a floppy. Then all you have to do is use the boot disk to boot up and then from the dos window open the I386 folder and type winnt

    You do not need a cdrom of any kind to do this provided you downloaded the iso image. Just extract the I386 folder from the image using winiso.

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    LOL i think it's called image mounting , yea you can run an iso game right off the HD, i thought everyone knew this??

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    if your talking about virtual drive, yes most of us have heard of it, but the way the question was put leads you to believe they thought they could burn without a burner

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    Originally posted by dfanningfan@11 February 2003 - 00:54
    just a cdr-w drive? is that possible? I want to download windows xp and i have the boot disks but i need to dowload the stuff on a cd. Is it possible?
    u can take your harddrive, put it in the oven, u following? okay, then u put some cookie dough on top of it, then u make a perfect mold of your harddrive out of cookie dough

    now here is the tricky part. open up the cookie dough harddrive carefully and then u will see a disk. take it out and put it in your cdrom drive.


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