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    I've noticed that the general trend of posters who say "look at my download speeds" -- "look how many posts I have" --- "look at how many files I have" --- "look how many movies I have" and so forth are usualy young guys from the forum. I was wondering if they use this as a vent to compensate for thier inadequate lower form? Basically, Mr. Freud's case of "Penis Envy". It's a typical case of "mine is bigger than yours". To be honest, i don't think anyone really cares how fast you can download or how big your hardrive is, so why does everyone make countless posts revolving arround it? Stop finding compensation in bragging over what man-made objects you own: Digital or Solid.

    ending statement: I've got a better sound system than all of you!

    Seriously tho,
    Does anyone care how many posts someone else has?
    Or the capacity of your hardrive or download speed?
    if not, why do so many people post about it?

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    Oh, please...
    Y'know, you're right!

    I couldn't care less about DL speeds, how big your hard drive is, or any of that stuff.

    But why does everyone always want to talk about my huge penis?
    "Researchers have already cast much darkness on the subject, and if they continue their investigations, we shall soon know nothing at all about it."

    -Mark Twain

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    I couldn't care les


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