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Thread: Why Do All My Movies Burn Upside Down

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    im using hp dvd writer with the newest drivers it was working fine and now when i use it all the movies are upside down.....

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    10 to 1 you are using nero to convert and burn, you need to convert with tmpgenc and just burn with nero

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    al movie play upside down??

    news to me

    oh and yeah nero sux ass to encode

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    10 to 1 it's that flaw in microsoft's direct show architecture. Read about direct show here. Solution? I'm not sure in this case, but IF you want to know how to make the videos you've already burned play correctly you could try this:
    download ffdshow-april 24th release-from
    during install, it will ask you something like "which codecs do you want ffdshow to be the default directshow filter for?" - check the box that says "mpeg2" and if you don't have divx or xvid on your computer, you might want to check those boxes too, if you want. After ffdshow is installed, click "configuration" to open it. Then go to "miscellaneous" and check the box that says "flip video". Then highlight "info". Now without closing ffdshow, play an mpeg2 video(dvd for instance). If your computer is using ffdshow to decode the video, you should see some numbers jumping around under "now playing". Also, the video should be flipped correctly now. If you don't see anything under "now playing" your computer skipped ffdshow(not using it to decode the mpeg2). How to force your computer to use ffdshow for mpeg2? Highlight "codecs" with ffdshow open then check the box that says "mpeg2". There are other ways, but this should be enough for now.

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