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Thread: What is the fastest internet speed???

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    What is the fastest internet speed???
    I am looking for the fastest internet connection all over the world........
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    1 gb

    ı have server
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    It may be 28 mbps in India.

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    This would-be breakthrough arrived in my country recently:


    Customer reviews indicate they give approximately half that speed, and the service starts failing continuously after a couple of weeks. Just like when I had their 128Kbit in 2004!

    FiOS seems cheap, fast and stable, but coverage is still very limited
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    You can have ridiculous speeds, but a lot of the internet isn't fast enough to warrant them.

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    I have bell canada.. its pretty fast (50mbs)

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    There are some screnshots on reddit from google fiber users - 900Mb/s

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    I have 120Mb/s at home and that's plenty fast enough for my needs. In real terms it's closer to 100Mb/s than 120.

    Realistically the only things that saturate it are CDN's, Usenet, IRC transfers (host dependent) and highly available torrents. Even commercial streaming services use less than 1/3 of the available bandwidth (and often much less ).

    My NSP is pretty good with speed, I have a 100Mb/s unlimited account and normally suck stuff down at between 8.5 and 9.5 megabytes a second... my HDTV gets here pretty quick...

    Based on the services I have access to, and the bandwidth their hosts have available, I can't imagine a real world benefit of more than about 100Mb/s at the moment. I think 30Mb/s is probably a great target for home use as even that is pretty damn quick.

    And I pay less than ~US$40 a month for all that... including the NSP...
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