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Thread: Burnatonce

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    Burnatonce overview


    burnatonce can master data and audio discs, read/write image files and copy on the fly. It's drag and drop interface has multi-language support and is fully compatible with XP themes.

    Multisession and bootable disc mastering is supported as well as long filename support using Joliet, Long Joliet and Rockridge. Extra long filename support is provided with the ISO9660:1999 and UDF filesystems.

    Audio discs can be compiled from wav, mp3, mp2, ogg and flac files as standard while support for other audio formats can be added optionally. CD-Text can be written from the built in editor, imported from freedb, read from media tags or extracted from filenames. Pauses between tracks can also be set as silence, pregap or postgap of varying lengths.

    general features

    Quick, easy CUE, TOC and ISO image burning
    Read CD to toc/dat or cue/bin image
    Copy CD on the fly
    Multi-language support
    100% support for Windows XP themed controls
    Drag and drop disc mastering
    SPTI and ASPI Device Interface support
    Support for USB and Firewire devices under SPTI
    Support DVD-R(W) writing with supported devices

    data mastering features

    Mulitsession recording, bootable disc recording
    Automatic data disc checksum file creation for later verification of integrity
    ISO9660:1999, UDF, and Long Joliet filesystems
    Create and Verify checksum file to confirm data integrity
    Support for East Asian characters (CJK) in Data Mastering

    audio mastering features

    Support for wav, mp3, mp2, ogg and flac files as standard
    Integrated support of ID3v1.1, ID3v2, Vorbis and APE Tags
    CD-Text from built in editor, freedb, tags, or based on filename
    Control of silence, pregap or postgap between tracks
    Import audio CUE/TOC sheets



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    i just skimmed through, but it looks similar to ISO recorder. B)

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