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Thread: What The F***?

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    I am downloading need for speed for the 3rd day and the seed is always 1 and i am connected to only freakin 6 ppl it never went over 10 ppl and when i go on suprnova it says 400 seeds for the same thing and like ltos of leechers it cuz of the shadows client im using?

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    no its just how bittorrent works
    you can try restarting it, but it will take awhile to check such a big file
    I have completed downloads without even connecting to a single seed, you only really need peers, but the reason your not seeing any is because too many peers, not enough seeds

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    It does that for me before. My guess is that you didn't configure your firewall so that it doesn't block off people while using BT (IF you're using a firewall that is). I managed to configure my firewall and now I could connect to many seeds, but the problem is that I STILL have crappy speeds.

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    i turned my firewall off when i got my pc because if i have it on i can never connect to counter strike servers....

    no cs no life


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