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Thread: what are some good movies to watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by norival1992 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewSkyler View Post
    Battle Royale
    Clash of Titans
    LOL R U Kidding Me? Clash of Titans is a joke
    The old one was much better then the newly all CGI version, and the new one didn't even have the talking owl,

    Quote Originally Posted by conaviteah View Post
    is there anything worth watching anymore ?
    Considering everything is CGI or aka reboot of older movies with no plot and no story, then no, watch older ones much better.
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    I've been tearing through the Bond movies. Die Another Day...not as bad as I remember (still pretty dumb).

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    Bitter Moon (1992)
    Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
    The Reader (2008)
    Hotel Rawanda (2008)

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