Reputation Basics
  • Points are ONLY given by members with invite access.
  • Reputation points given are ONLY positive points.
  • You can ONLY give each member ONE point.
  • You can ONLY give 5 points each day.

Giving A Point To A Member
  • Points can be given to those who give free invites.
  • Points can be given to those you make trades with.
  • To give a point click the icon to the left of a post.
  • Fill in comments if you want and click "Add BT Rep".

To View Members Reputation
  • There will be a BT Rep from +1 to +100 below member names.
  • For every +5 points an image will show below the BT Rep.
  • After 25 points rep will increase in sets 5 points.
    (members without rep will not show anything.)
  • For details click members name and then "View Public Profile".

This rating is to give members confidence when dealing with others.

If you get messages to trade points copy and Report them.
Those abusing the Reputation system will have access
to these sections REMOVED or be BANNED from the site.