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Thread: Tried Various Setting In Ie, Still I,

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    Ok I've been trying to download from various sites but all is get is a blank screen with a little square in the top left hand corner with 3 colours in it. What can I change to remedy this err'. I think there might be something else I don't know, that could be wrong.

    Winxp Pro Corp
    Symantec AV Corporate

    these are what i have running currently.


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    I'm not sure what might be causing this error, you could try reinstalling IE.

    Also, you should check out Mozilla Firebird as an alternative, more secure replacent for IE. You'll still need IE for Windows Update though.

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    Thanks for the advice I will try the suggestion and update


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    thanks man! I am back in buziness -

    ur help was appreciated


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    Your welcome.

    Don't forget to try out Firebird. It's free, and a lot better than Internet Explorer. It doesn't look in any way inferior to IE and, most importantly, it's a lot more secure.

    You might also like to look at Mozilla Thunderbird their email client. Again, it's free and not vulnerable to worms and exploits unlike Outlook and Outlook Express.


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