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Thread: How Come Ppl Don't Post Hashes For Small Movies?

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    Am I the only sucker out there who would like to see a movie without downloading 1.5 GBs over 2 weeks or what?! I remember when Fasttrackmovies was inits prime (up to earlier this year) and they had links or descriptions of files of ALL sizes including those TMD files. Sure they're poor quality but watching those help you decide if you wanna waste time downloading a damned DVDrip or VieoCds which can take up to a week or more of downloading constantly on a dialup! Lets have some more parity in this MovieWorld forum eh?!

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    well all i can tell u is dial up suck i use to have that problem to but then i switched to roadrunner and the problem only happen now when i look for a good anime or a movie that just came out other than that u just might have to spend a couple dollars on a faster internet service

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    get adsl you can get good plans and cheap ones for only a few dollars more some even the same price shop around evan a 256 k will get you a movie in under 24 hours 512k have awsome unlimited downloads for around 40 $ australian its worth it

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    They used to but everybody is starting to get high speed connections and they don't even think about it.

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    I post em when i get ones that are decent enough quality
    but gre1 is right speeds up and so are file sizes

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    300k is like $26 a month with SBC Yahoo! DSL

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    I'm on dial up, yes it does suck, but it's not that I'm too cheap to get broadband, but I can't get any kind of it. And they most likely won't put it up anytime soon near me. Sure theres sattelite, but for over a 100 a month, and for what you get, it's not worth it. Anyone else have any other suggestions for something faster than what I'm using now?

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    You can get movies faster off IRC :
    the client

    how to

    where to get

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