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Thread: Ad Aware Kill Ur Internet Look Here !

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    I don't know about the ad-aware problem, but here's the folder solution that Yusuke said about (i can't remember who originally posted this solution but i say the person is a genius as i get the problem alot and this fixes it!!!!!! ) .......

    Sometimes windows XP forgets it's folder view settings.

    Here is the solution.

    Backup these RegKeys.



    After that you must delete them.

    Restart windows to take effect.

    Now you can change each folder and the setting will stay.

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    Ad-aware 6 is slower scanning engine and takes far longer then ad-aware 5.x engine, but has autoupdate, and deep scanning is better and still a good program, but way slower then before. i still like ad-aware, but can be annoying at times with the scanning times. Get rid of alot of spyware, like alexa from I.E 5.5.
    I used spybot search&destroy, tho it was nice, it lacked many things i liked about ad-aware, and soon uninstalled it, once ad-aware 6 was released officially. B)

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