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Thread: Can U Play A Svcd On A Dvd Player Like U Do A Vcd?

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    Can u play a SVCD on a dvd player like u do a vcd?

    ok the obvious answers are either yes or no, and even with my un-experienced knowlegde im guessing in a sence its a retorical question.

    but im only askin this question because i have just d/led a SVCD film in bins and cues. i have played both halfs of the movie in videolan, so no problems there. I burnt the image to a cd, like i have done before wth my vcd's, but it wont play on my dvd player. All my vcd's i have created play on my dvd, do u have to have a speacial dvd player for SVCD's??? or has it got something to do with the menus, i have read somewhere that SVCD allow u to create a menu, do i need to do this so my SVCD will play on my dvd player??

    and "useful" help wud be appeicated.

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    Well yes and yes

    Yes you can play svcd's in a dvd player like you do vcd's but not all dvd players that play vcd's will play svcd's. And I'm pretty sure the menu thing doesn't matter. BTW you can also put menus on vcd's. Hope this helps

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    You can only play svcd on a dvd if the dvd player says it can. my dvd player plays dvd/vcd/cdr-w and mp3 and not svcd. It sounds like yours is the same

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    well yes and no, is there anyway i can establish if my svcd has been created properly? if i can play the disc through videolan does that mean its has been? i can play it through videolan, but not through wmediaplayer, when i tried opening the Avseq01 file, it just sends my processor into overdrive, but never completes, or opens the video.

    edited: it sounds like my dvd player cant play svcd's, wat an arse!

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    Hi Memento,

    to check if your dvd player can play svcd's check either the manual for your dvd-player or go here. Here you can check also what your dvd-player is capable of doing.

    If your dvd-player can't play svcd's I suggest you'd read into the topic of the "headertrick". In short, this will make your dvd-player think that it is playing a vcd while it is actually playing a svcd. I don't know how you should do this exactly, but if you Google for guides on the headertrick, I'm pretty sure you will find a lot of good stuff.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    Hell yeah!


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