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Thread: Nero Visionexpress 2

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    can anyone out there solve my problem?????
    i am using nero vision express 2 to convert to dvd but the program is creating a very large temp. file (above 110G believe it) and as my hard drive is 120G it stops due to low disc space.
    this did not happen with the first edition of vision express (which i used very successfully) i dont want to go back as i think there is a simple salution to all this.

    all goes well with the conversion it just creates a very large temp file so i have come to the conclusion that it must be settings somewere that is telling it to save all the conversion data.
    i have looked through the manual and tried altering the settings but nothing and im not holding my breath for a answer from nero tec. support so i am turning to you out there.
    please no silly answers like code fault or nero is crap

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    Nero's fine.

    Nero vision express or any nero express is crap. What the hell are you encoding, a 10 part mini series?

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    just a 688mb matrix revolution.

    confusing isnt it.


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