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Thread: Mohaa Registration Entries

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    i have just a copy of mohaa from suprnova i have installed the game fine i have applied the no cd patch but i dont know where two put the 2 registration entries that came with the patch?
    any help please

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    wat exactly is mohaa and if u want a no cd path with no hassle go to download it extract copy and paste it into the directory and mohaa should work

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    MOH:AA = Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

    The premier PC Medal of Honor game, building on the series first born onto the PS1. The graphics are run off of the Q3A engine, and it includes scenes that looked like they were scraped right off a movie screen. The cinematic beauty and realism is still unbeaten today. (what am I talking about, Call of Duty pisses all over it)

    Thats right people. I've been reading too many press releases.

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    thanks Mad Cat

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    the registration entries should self install when you double click them. it will ask if you want to import the settings to your registry. click YES if you feel confident in the files..............


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