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Thread: A New Website For My Radio Station!

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently got the portal system e107 installed on my Abyss Web Server -
    the first time my whole win98 crashed and I reinstalled everything...

    ...during my Morning Show on SFGI and KLB I will offer on this
    site latest news and interesting stuff...

    I also planned to put there program schedules for my radio station...

    ~nice dreams...

    thanks for having a look and please go there and leave a comment -
    I am glad really really glad to hear you

    here are some image:

    main site:

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    no thoughts

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    Apr 2003
    Have you included a link to your site?

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    here is the link - only as long as i am online:

    ~ http://FAitHhIll.NO-iP.CoM/e107 ~

    come in and leave a messaaaaaggee...
    ... a fuNNy onE

    the site will be online everytime I broadcast my show
    on KLB and SFGI

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    now broadcasting!!!!!!

    ~nice dreams...

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    Ok, thanks TheDave for leaving a comment ;) and I changed the layout
    a little bit to more light colors (beige a little...) and added BBC News which
    will be updated each hour ;)


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