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Thread: Fight Club Problem!

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    hello everybody, i downloaded fight club 2 times. The size of the movies is to big to put on 2 cd-r's . I tried burning it on a dvd but its still to big, finally i tried to cut the movie but that didnt not go so well. >i have a liteon dvd burner that will not allow me to burn to nero. I have Sonic,Mydvd version4.5 . Please can anybody tell me how to splt these files into 3cd's so i can burn it on mydvd sonic version4.5.
    fight club is 2 hours and 12 minutes. I have windows xp. and please dont send me to a link or some stupid place .thanks for your time.

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    U say the movie is too big for a DVD Disk ?

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    Download another version. The one you have is obviously a fake, or something you don't want, considering it's to big for a DVD-r and all...

    DVD-r = 4.6Gigabyte

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    DVD-r = 4.6Gigabyte 

    I wos going 2 say it pretty hard 2 fill a DVD disk with 1 movie

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    hell ya re dl a new 1

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    no its not a fake i was trying to say the first time i download it it was working , then i try to split it and the movies strarted to mess up because i guess i tryied to cut it and it mess up. Now i dowloaded it again and i dont want to mess this one up again . Thats why i want to put it on 3 or 2cds using mysonicdvd and i dont and cant use nero. So my sitution here is that i need some good advise how should i deal with this. thanks for the advise and sorry about the confusion, please help me out and please dont send me to a link.


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