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Thread: Do the packets between smart phones and laptops look any different

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    I just started using pdanet+ to free tether between my laptop and phone. I was wondering whether my ISP can tell if I'm using my laptop to browse the web or not. I also started using privateinternetaccess which is a VPN I really like and they have Windows and Android version of the software. Will this be enough to mask my actions?

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    The VPN will be enough to mask it yes.
    There's various methods of detecting it. But a VPN should generally mask it, however it's not always that simple.
    But if you tether your phone to your laptop and ensure the traffic from the phone goes via the laptops VPN tunnel you should be ok.

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    Ya I guess so

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    Read what TCP fingerprinting is and cry. On the other hand, the trick of increasing your TTL by 1 to tether without getting caught is an open secret by now.
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