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Thread: Do It Yourself Hard Disk Data Retrieval? Is

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    my old computer conked out and needs a new motherboard and power supply. this'll cost me around 130 bucks to get new parts or 95 for the mp3's and movies i had on it. i'm wondering if there's some way i can do it on my own. anyone know?

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    my old computer
    So I take it you have another one too if so take the h/drive out put it in the other one and get the files off.

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    i tried that before and it didn't work. i then had to put my comp in the shop through where i bought it and since the incompetants didn't fix it right the first time i'd either have had to have it sent back or have gigs of my music deleted so i just get it back. do i had the guy delete all my shit to start from scratch. then again though iu know someone who works on comps at my school who could possibly do it. i'm open to any other ideas though. thanks for the reply.


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