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Thread: Un Softwrap

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    So i downloaded a game on kazaa lite only to find it is softwrapped and i have one measly hour to play. i have searched for un softwrap cracks on astalavista and all over the place but the ones i have found don't work. does anyone has a solution for me? thanks

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    what the f is softwrap, never heard of it.
    ps what game is it

    (Forgive my bad english)

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    It's antipiracy protection erm thingy.

    You're probably best trying to download it again elsewhere, Kazaa isn't really great for software, and these discussions aren't really allowed here anyway. I suggest you have a look about here.

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    Softwrap is designed by a british company and the software is designed to help software companies distribute their products over the internet and allow the user the purchase a key to unlock the full program they downloaded, after the trial period. it compresses the software quite well too. the game i downloaded went from 550mb to 950mb. it uses 512 bit encryption i have found out so it must be hard to crack.

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    in that case i think its a prank, trow it in the trashcan then try to find a more reliable source for downloading the file (like bittorrent)

    (Forgive my bad english)


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