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Thread: Ghost Ship

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    I would like to know what the hell this movie is about...i watched it twice and i watched it closely....and this movie is spossed *sp* to be horror genre and believe me...this movie was not considered scared at all.....i watched it and i was like ok...where is the scary stuff...and then to top it up...the ending was so weird....when that female lady was in the ambulance and sees that weird dude....alive again and going up the ship that rescued the lady with gold and stuff....

    anyways...could you guys please tell me what happens....


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    ship is haunted by the guy in the end

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    i get this part...but why is it haunted by him...what does he work again...and also why did everyone started killing each other for the gold...

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    not really sure but what i think is that hes like a devil who needs souls to get back so the gold is his ticket to get them. A group kills everyone on the ship to get to the gold but they get backstabbed by the lady who gets backstabbed by the guy whos some kind of devil. hes trying to fill the boat up with souls so thats why all the people need to die. but in the end the boat gets destroyed and souls are realesed so he finds another ship where someone will take the gold. but yeh i guess im wrong

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    i think your explination is right...but...i still dont get where is the scary part....i thought that the beginging part...when everyone dies is really cool but it looked fake....and cheesy...

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    Pay attention to the dialogue.

    The guy on the ship is a collector of souls, he basically wants to kill everyone on that ship so he can be promoted in the depths of hell by collecting more souls. The more souls you get, the more prestigious you are in hell.

    The first part was a look back into the past and what happened on that ship. THe many passengers were killed by the very same guy who lured the gang of people on to that ship presently (becoz they wanted gold) so he could collect their souls as well.

    See that ship was the guy's sort of livelihood, over the years, he would make ppl go on that boat where he;ll try to kill all of em and get their souls. But unfortunately, the lady destroyed the ship, his livelihood, so he had to find another ship to haunt.

    the 2 guys that were helping him carry the gold onto another ship so he use the same technique on the NEW ship he's gonna haunt get it?? HE's probs gonna kill all that ppl, leave the gold for the ppl of the future to try to come collect where he will try to collect more souls once evil that nvr dies

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    Yeah by using gold to lure,trick greedy bastard to board the ship and be kill.

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    If you ask me, this movies poster was scarier than the movie itself!

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    Thank you for reminding [email protected] :">

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    i liked this movie, even i didnt understand to much i think it was pretty cool.

    about the sig, just save it as jpeg, but use photoshop because ms paint makes it pixilated.

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