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Thread: Question About This Forum?

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    do you guys know if this forum is registered
    or unregistered?

    just want to know, cause I recently installed the
    board on my abyss web server and guess it WORKS!

    man I always hated MySQL - I thought you have to install
    so many stuff, but with the tutorials at
    that is not bad...

    although some scripts are loading...

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    Mar 2003
    Gee I wonder...

    Powered by Invision Power Board(U) v1.2 2003  IPS, Inc.

  3. Everything Related to the Board   -   #3
    Anyway, there are nice opened people on the board and the board
    loads fast and if I will have some money one time I would buy for them
    the registered version

    but it is the first fastest board I see...

    "... Powered by Invision Power Board(U) v1.2 2003 IPS, Inc. ..."
    (my board&#33


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