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Thread: Speciality Software

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    Yes, well i don't have much graphic skills and all that stuff, but YES I NEED TO CREATE A BROCHURE FOR CHEMISTRY PROJECT LOL LOL LOL, and i need ur help, u guys got a program thats good for making brochures? I know theres Negrosoft word but its hell to format, help..... plz?

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    use notepad.
    Go to ==>Start==>Progs etc.. lol
    you could use photoshop, it works for me

    (Forgive my bad english)

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    Microsoft Publisher should do the trick.

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    [i]Originally posted by [email protected] November 2003 - 03:20
    Microsoft Publisher should do the trick.
    OOOOOOOo that should be a good one, now to install.... meanwhile any other suggestions? BTW, i run a windows xp not a mac if that helps lol


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