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Thread: Microsoft Error Report Sending

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    I'm sorry if this not the right place to post this topic.

    Everytime there is an error a pop up comes on asking me if I want to send the reprot to Microsoft,I want to cancel it,how do I do this can you please help??

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    right click "my computer" then properties>advanced>error reporting>disable

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    i would add that it is quite a good tool if you getting it a lot then send a report and when its finished if there have been enough of the same errors and microsoft has a solution it will have "details" in the box, click on it and it may answer what is causing the errors at microsoft site. could be a hardware driver or software bug and they may have a fix. i use it and ive got a cracked xp installation so i wouldnt worry

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    Thanks Boyzeee

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    no worries


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