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Thread: 18+ Nikki And Skweeky Getting It On 18+

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    * Skweeky takes off her top
    * Skweeky takes off the rest off her clothes
    * Skweeky dances
    * NikkiD isn't wearing any
    * NikkiD dances with skweeky
    * Skweeky enjoys dancing with Nikki....
    <NikkiD> how bout you and me skweeky, forget the guys...
    <Skweeky> good idea Nik
    <Skweeky> they can watch
    * Skweeky caresses Nikki&#39;s breasts
    * NikkiD begins to run her fingers over Skweekys breasts
    * Skweeky softly bites Nikki&#39;s nipples
    * NikkiD shivers
    * Skweeky slowly moves her tongue down Nikki&#39;s stomach
    * NikkiD plays with skweeky&#39;s hair
    * Skweeky thinks maybe Nikki should lay down...
    * NikkiD lays down
    <NikkiD> I&#39;m new at this girl on girl
    * Skweeky caresses the insides of Nikki&#39;s thighs (sp?)
    <Skweeky> i never cybered like this before, so I&#39;m kinda new at it too
    * NikkiD arches her back and moans
    <NikkiD> lol
    <NikkiD> with an audience you mean
    * Skweeky spreads Nikki&#39;s legs a bit more and licks Nikki&#39;s clit
    <Skweeky> lol, yes with an audience
    * NikkiD gasps and opens her legs wider for skweeky
    * Skweeky puts her fingers in Nikki&#39;s mouth and moves her tongue in circles on Nikki&#39;s clit
    * Skweeky keeps licking and slips one finger in
    * NikkiD sucks gently on skweeky&#39;s fingers while pinching her nipples
    * Skweeky slips in another finger while playing with Nikki&#39;s breasts with her wet fingers
    * Skweeky takes the vibrator
    * NikkiD is writhing in ecstasy, moaning loadly on the brink of cumming
    * Skweeky puts it on, takes her fingers out and slips into Nikki while sucking her nipples
    * Skweeky moves starts to move the vibrator a bit faster going back down to lick Nikki&#39;s clit
    * NikkiD screams with pleasure
    * Skweeky takes the vibrating egg and puts that on Nikki&#39;s clit while moving the vibrator just a little more faster
    * NikkiD lays back and pulls skweeky back to her and kisses her passionately while she begins to cum
    * Skweeky is putting some more pressure on the vibrating egg
    * Skweeky feels wet
    * Skweeky bites Nikki&#39;s nipples while massaging her breasts
    * NikkiD rolls skweeky onto her back and begins to run her tongues over skweekys nipples
    * Skweeky groans while going through Nikki&#39;s hair
    * NikkiD moves slowly down skweekys body, running her fingernails gently over skweekys arms and legs as she sucks and kisses gently
    * Skweeky &#39;s pussy is very wet now, she grabs the side of the bed
    * NikkiD takes skweeky foot and brings it to her mouth, sucking each toe softly
    * Skweeky groans and bites the pillow
    * NikkiD runs her tongue up skweekys legs, to the inside of her thighs
    * Skweeky gasps
    * NikkiD finds skweeky&#39;s clit and flicks it with her tongue, sliding one finger inside
    * NikkiD takes the vibrator and slides in and out of skweeky very slowly, sucking on her clit
    * Skweeky screams
    * Skweeky is almost coming
    * Skweeky starts to breath faster
    * NikkiD moves the vibrator a little faster, and keeps sucking on skweeky&#39;s clit, using her free hand to play with skweeky&#39;s nipples
    * Skweeky is coming, she screams loudly while holding herself to the side of the bed
    * NikkiD collapses beside skweeky

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    NikkiD's Avatar Yen?
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    Port Dover, Ontario


    Poor RF, missed the whole thing...

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    Skweeky's Avatar Manker's web totty
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    don&#39;t be sad RF....I promise I&#39;ll make it up to you in real life&#33;&#33;

    but indeed, this i a very good reason to come to the chatroom&#33;

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    Đark Princ€
    damn mel gibbson and brad pit keep buttin in&#33;&#33;&#33;
    i hate brad pit and mel gibbson now they almost killed it

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    I wonder when this topic is going to get pinned.

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    Wow, something new everyday.

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    Đark Princ€
    sockpuppet Posted on 10 February 2003 - 20:04
    <KILLA_SIN> MY DaMN HaND iS aLL GooY NoW&nbsp;

    yea i had to wash up

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    lol, I&#39;m kinda curious for Bender&#39;s reaction on this...

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    NikkiD takes skweeky foot and brings it to her mouth, sucking each toe softly
    Wow, even toe sucking?

    If you put on a nightly show, I&#39;d forsee the chat room attendence increasing exponentially.

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