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Thread: 18+ Nikki And Skweeky Getting It On 18+

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    Ron, the movie only is available from June!!!!

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    at least i didnt miss that however i will never be able to look at a cucumber in the same way

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    ark Princ
    Ron Posted on 11 February 2003 - 08:24
    (Bender @ 11 February 2003 - 14:29)
    You should've seen what Skweeky did when she logged out and came to bed!

    We did Bender, she left the webcam on!!

    Bender @ 11 February 2003 - 14:29)
    Did anyone notice the complete absence of commentary from other people in that log?
    Typing with your left hand isn't easy huh guys?
    I tried to give a live commentary, but an undisclosed number of people (huh killa?) kept hushing me. So much for freedom of press in the chat room.

    BTW, could you ask skweeky where my 10% of the pron movie is? Still haven't received it.

    And oh yeah, just so you know, I rented her out to killa last night too. Only got $ 110, but it 'll buy you a few beers at least.
    RPerry was too cheap to outbid killa!!

    PRUNS hehehehe
    i was rollin when ya changed ya nik to mell cummin
    rons funny as hell !!!! and when razz had to clean up the mess cause he was under age i never laughed so hard in my life !!!!


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    SHOW No. 2:

    <Rat_Faced> Can you please welcome Skweeky and Nikki from their sell out tour of Bankock
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Joe Cocker - You Can Leave Your Hat On.mp3]
    * Skweeky dances into the room
    * NikkiD twirls her way into the spotlite too
    <Skweeky> wow Nik, u look hot girl
    <NikkiD> so do you skweeky, mmmm
    <Skweeky> I just love that leather top you&#39;re wearing
    <NikkiD> love those thigh high leather boots hon...
    <Skweeky> hmmmm, and that lacy thingy around you&#39;re thighs
    <NikkiD> and of course love your hat
    <Skweeky> oh, I love ur hat too&#33;&#33; it&#39; so....
    <Skweeky> sexy.....
    * NikkiD starts to undulate in time with the music, moving towards skweeky
    * Skweeky shivers
    <Skweeky> say Nik
    <NikkiD> yes skweeky?
    <Skweeky> where did u get that lace thingy?
    <NikkiD> At Victoria&#39;s secret skweeky
    * Skweeky still dances, shaking her nice butt
    <NikkiD> Do you like the colour?
    <Skweeky> oh yes, I love it
    <Skweeky> hmmm, can I try it on for a sec?
    * NikkiD begins to grind skweeky, slowly
    * NikkiD moves closer to skweeky, and begins to kiss her, then suddenly pulls back
    <NikkiD> Skweeky&#33;
    <Skweeky> huh, what?
    <Skweeky> what?
    <NikkiD> I love your lipstick&#33;&#33;
    <NikkiD> where did you get that?
    <Skweeky> oh thank you
    <Skweeky> it&#39;s Christian Dior as a matter of fact
    <NikkiD> mmm very smooth and creamy
    <Skweeky> yes, u like the colour?
    <Skweeky> u can try it if u want?
    <NikkiD> on you it&#39;s wonderful
    <NikkiD> It&#39;s not my colour though...
    <Skweeky> hmmmm, ty darling
    * NikkiD open mouth kisses skweeky
    * Skweeky groans
    <Skweeky> say Nik
    <NikkiD> yes skweeky?
    <Skweeky> don&#39;t u think it&#39;s waaaay to hot in here?
    <NikkiD> I think so
    <NikkiD> why don&#39;t you remove my dress
    <Skweeky> hmmm yes I will
    * Skweeky slowly unzips Nikki&#39;s dress, while kissing her shoulders
    * NikkiD gasps and grinds skweeky a little bit more
    * Skweeky shivers from desire
    <NikkiD> hey skweeky?
    <Skweeky> yeah Nik
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Prince - Darling Nikki.mp3]
    <NikkiD> what do you think of this dress?
    <Skweeky> it&#39;s great girl
    <Skweeky> so soft, I love the material
    <NikkiD> I got it on sale at Bloomingdales, half price
    <Skweeky> really, damn, it looks expensive
    * NikkiD lets the dress fall to the floor
    * Skweeky looks at Nikki&#39;s garter
    * NikkiD slowly begins to undress skweeky
    <NikkiD> OMG Skweeky&#33;
    <Skweeky> what what???
    <NikkiD> Your skin is so soft&#33;
    <Skweeky> yes yes I know
    <NikkiD> what kind of soap do you use?
    <Skweeky> Dove
    <Skweeky> great for your skin
    <Skweeky> really
    <NikkiD> Really? I could have sworn it was expensive stuff
    <Skweeky> no no, just Dove
    <Skweeky> it&#39;s so soft
    <NikkiD> wow, thanks for the tip
    <Skweeky> I just love to soap myself in
    <Skweeky> it gets me all excited
    <NikkiD> mmm me too...
    <Skweeky> maybe we could...
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Depeche Mode - I Want You Now.mp3]
    <NikkiD> do you think we should?
    * Skweeky and Nikki are only wearing black leather boots and garters now
    <Skweeky> Id love to Nik
    * NikkiD starts to wet skweeky down
    * NikkiD takes the soap and starts lathering skweeky up
    * Skweeky &#39;s nipples are all hard
    <Skweeky> hmmm yes Nik, this is great
    * NikkiD rubs her body against skweeky
    <NikkiD> yes it does feel nice
    * NikkiD rinses skweeky off
    * NikkiD moves to the prop table
    * Ronlite has joined #KLchat
    <NikkiD> hey skweeky?
    <Skweeky> yeah?
    <NikkiD> which do you prefer, a metal or a latex vibrator?
    <Skweeky> hmmm, latex, feels more real
    <NikkiD> I was thinking the very same thing
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Samantha Fox - Touch Me.mp3]
    <NikkiD> any preference of colour?
    <Skweeky> how about that one we had specially made?
    <NikkiD> the purple one?
    <Skweeky> u know, the one that looks like...
    <Skweeky> Rf&#39;s...
    <NikkiD> oooh that one...
    <Skweeky> yes yes
    <NikkiD> let me just check the batteries
    * Skweeky shivers only by the thought of it
    <NikkiD> skweeky did you use energizers or duracells?
    * Skweeky is getting wet down below
    <Skweeky> hm, duracells Nik
    <Skweeky> they last longer really
    <NikkiD> good thinking
    * NikkiD turns the vibrator on and slides it along skweekys body down between her thighs
    * Skweeky softly caresses Nikki&#39;s breasts
    * NikkiD &#39;s nipples are very hard and inviting
    * Skweeky bites Nikki&#39;s nipples
    * NikkiD gasps and shivers
    <NikkiD> umm skweeky?
    <Skweeky> hmmm, I just love your nipples NIk
    <Skweeky> yes?
    <NikkiD> can you hand me that carrot from the table?
    <NikkiD> thought we might try something different
    <Skweeky> good thinking
    <Skweeky> hey Nik, how do i give a bj?
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Mustang Sally.mp3]
    <Skweeky> I mean, you
    <Skweeky> how do you give a bj?
    <NikkiD> well skweeky, let me show you
    <Skweeky> ok
    * Skweeky watches Nikki demonstrating a bj and gets all excited
    * NikkiD slides the carrot over her lips, and begins to take it into her throat
    <Skweeky> hmmm, do u mind if I play with myself a bit?
    <NikkiD> of course not skweeky
    * Skweeky massages her clit
    <NikkiD> me pulls the carrot out slowly, running her tongue up and down the sides
    * Skweeky starts to breath faster
    <NikkiD> you know skweeky, I have the most delicious recipe for sauteed carrots
    <Skweeky> yes, I&#39;ve been meaning to ask you about that
    <Skweeky> how do you make those?
    <NikkiD> it&#39;s 3 cups of carrot slices, and 1/4 cup of butter, salt pepper and garlic to taste
    <Skweeky> hmmm, sounds delicious...
    * NikkiD starts to rub skweeky&#39;s clit again
    <Skweeky> maybe we could have a romantic dinner some time?
    * Skweeky wrights
    <NikkiD> mmm, I&#39;ll cook for you
    <Skweeky> yes
    <NikkiD> speaking of cooking Skweeky
    <Skweeky> yes?
    <NikkiD> I bought a new blender yesterday
    <Skweeky> really? what brand? I have a Braun
    <Skweeky> it works great
    <NikkiD> it&#39;s a braun too&#33;
    <Skweeky> you can set it to vibrate....
    <NikkiD> what model do you have
    <Skweeky> the T235
    <NikkiD> mmm, I like to do that with the washer on spin cycle
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Ginuwine - Ginuwine...The Bachelor - 02 - Pony - [H].mp3]
    <Skweeky> I love it, one of the reasonds why I cook naked
    <NikkiD> I&#39;m sure Bender loves that...
    * NikkiD starts to kiss her way down skweeky&#39;s body
    <Skweeky> ooh yes Nik, do it to me
    * NikkiD picks up the vibrator again
    <Skweeky> hmmmmmm
    <NikkiD> you&#39;re very wet skweeky
    <NikkiD> mmm
    <Skweeky> yes Nik, you turn me on
    * NikkiD starts run her tongue in small circles around skweeky&#39;s clit
    * Skweeky moans while going with her fingers through Nikki&#39;s hair
    <Skweeky> say NIk
    * NikkiD takes the vibrator and slides it slowly into skweeky&#39;s pussy
    <NikkiD> yes skweeky?
    <Skweeky> I had this rash a while ago
    <Skweeky> really uncofortable
    <NikkiD> really where?
    <Skweeky> down there...
    <NikkiD> omg what did you do?
    <Skweeky> itched like hell
    <Skweeky> well, it felt better when I scratched it so...
    <NikkiD> I&#39;ve had those before too, damn yeast infections
    <Skweeky> yeah, it sucks
    <NikkiD> just one of the joys of being female I suppoe
    <Skweeky> so I bought one of these butterfly thingies
    <NikkiD> really?
    <Skweeky> u know, the vibrating ones to put in your underpants
    <Skweeky> it worked great
    * NikkiD starts moving the vibrator in and out of skweeky
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing.mp3]
    <NikkiD> I&#39;ve been meaning to pick one of those up
    <Skweeky> i can recommend them
    <^M|k0r^> me2
    <^M|k0r^> ;x
    * NikkiD starts sucking gently on skweeky&#39;s clit
    <Skweeky> hmmmm, Nikki, where&#39;s that other vibrator?
    <Skweeky> I want you to enjoy too
    <NikkiD> over on the table
    <NikkiD> can you reach it for me?
    <Skweeky> I only see a cucumber here...
    <NikkiD> that&#39;ll have to do then
    <Skweeky> ok
    * ^M|k0r^ throws a tub of vaseline to NikkiD
    <NikkiD> thanks Mike
    * ^M|k0r^ was kicked by [VanDiem|] (no interruptions)
    * ^M|k0r^ has joined #KLchat
    <Skweeky> shall I warm it up for u first sweety?
    <Skweeky> it&#39;s kinda cold
    <NikkiD> yes please
    * Skweeky slowly slips the cucumber into her pussy
    * NikkiD continues to rub skweeky&#39;s clit and moves the vibrator a little faster
    * Skweeky takes the cucumber in her mouth
    <Skweeky> i think it&#39;s warm enough now
    <NikkiD> k skeeky
    * Skweeky starts to rub Nikki&#39;s clit while sucking her nipples
    <NikkiD> skweeky
    <Skweeky> yes?
    <NikkiD> take it slowly please I had a slight injury down there
    <Skweeky> really? how comeN
    <Skweeky> ?
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost.mp3]
    <NikkiD> freak accident, I was ironing, and the board tipped over
    <Skweeky> omg....
    <Skweeky> what did u do?
    <NikkiD> I ended up landing on it in a very painful way
    <Skweeky> oh man, that must &#39;ve hurt
    <NikkiD> I&#39;m still a little sore, please be gentle
    <Skweeky> guess u didn&#39;t have sex for a few weeks there
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.mp3]
    <NikkiD> no, I&#39;m really horny though skweeky
    <Skweeky> hmmmm, I can tell Nik, you&#39;re so wet
    * [VanDiem|] asks if the ironing board was a health and saftey hazard
    * Skweeky slowly slips in a finger
    <NikkiD> yes I know skweeky
    * Skweeky sucks Nikki&#39;s clit now
    * NikkiD sighs and lays back on the stage
    * Skweeky plays with herself at the same time
    * Skweeky slips in another finger
    <NikkiD> skweeky, will you 69 me please?
    <Skweeky> oh sure
    * Skweeky turns around
    <Skweeky> u want on top?
    <NikkiD> no, please go ahead
    <Skweeky> k
    * Skweeky spreads Nikki&#39;s legs a bit further
    <Skweeky> say Nik
    <NikkiD> yes skweek?
    <Skweeky> this stagefloor, it&#39;s so clean&#33;
    <Skweeky> what do u think they use to clean here?
    <NikkiD> I noticed that too&#33;
    <NikkiD> smells like lemon&#33;
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Sting & Jimmy Nail - 01 - Waters Of Tyne.mp3]
    <NikkiD> probably Mr. Clean
    <Skweeky> yup yup
    <Skweeky> I use that too
    <NikkiD> hey skweeky?
    * ^M|k0r^ whispers RF cleaned the floor with jif lemon
    <Skweeky> yup?
    <NikkiD> what do you use for hair removal?
    <NikkiD> Your bikini line is so smooth&#33;
    <Skweeky> oh, most of the time I wax it
    <Skweeky> It&#39;s painful, but you dio&#39;nt have to worry for a few weeks
    <NikkiD> really? I&#39;ve started having the laser treatments done
    <NikkiD> totally painless but a little expensive
    <Skweeky> yeah I know, I&#39;m saving for that
    <[VanDiem|]> omg omg om gomg omg omg omg im cummmmmmmming&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;1
    * [VanDiem|] has quit IRC
    * NikkiD starts to lick skweeky&#39;s clit again
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Searchers - Love Potion Number Nine.mp3]
    * Skweeky is enjoying this
    <Skweeky> hmmm Nik, a bit harder
    * NikkiD slides her tongue deep inside skweeky and rubs her clit with her fingers
    <NikkiD> mmm skweeky you taste so good
    <Skweeky> ahhhh, oh god, this is so good
    * Skweeky is starting to come
    <Skweeky> hmmm yes Nik, more
    <Skweeky> more
    <Skweeky> hmmm, yes, oh oh, yes
    * NikkiD slips two fingers inside skweeky&#39;s pussy
    * Skweeky screams
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Meatloaf - 2 out of 3 ain&#39;t bad.mp3]
    * NikkiD finds skweeky&#39;s g-spot and begins to rub softly
    * NikkiD sucks harder and faster on skweeky&#39;s clit
    <NikkiD> hey skweeky?
    <Skweeky> hmmm, yes Nik?
    <NikkiD> do you work out?
    <NikkiD> your muscles are so tight
    <Skweeky> hmmm, a bit,
    <Skweeky> really? thanks
    <Skweeky> you know, I work out my vaginal muscles
    * NikkiD goes back to sucking on skweeky&#39;s clit
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Meatloaf - 2 out of 3 ain&#39;t bad.mp3]
    <Skweeky> hmmm, Nik, your turn to enjoy, u just gave me the most wonderful orgasm
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Santana - Smooth.mp3]
    * NikkiD opens her legs for skweeky
    <Skweeky> I swear, never experienced that with a guy before
    * Skweeky takes the vibrating egg
    <NikkiD> hmmm I&#39;ve never felt quite like this before either skweeky, this is only my second time with a woman
    * Skweeky puts it on Nikki&#39;s clit, while slipping two fingers into Nikki&#39;s pussy
    * NikkiD moans and arches back
    * NikkiD starts playing with her own nipples, pinching them lightly
    * Skweeky licks Nikki&#39;s clit while slipping in the vibrator
    <Skweeky> say Nik?
    <NikkiD> yes skweeky?
    <Skweeky> second time?
    <NikkiD> yes, last night remember?
    <Skweeky> oh yes, ofcourse
    <Skweeky> that was fun
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Robbie Williams - She&#39;s The One.mp3]
    <Skweeky> sorry, I&#39;ll continue
    <NikkiD> yes it was wasn&#39;t it?
    <Skweeky> ah yes, so nice
    * NikkiD puts her fingers in her mouth and gets them wet and plays with her clit
    * NikkiD &#39;s pussy is very hot and wet
    <Skweeky> hey
    <NikkiD> yes?
    * Skweeky moves the vibrator a bit faster
    <Skweeky> nevermind
    * NikkiD starts to come
    * Skweeky plays with Nikki&#39;s breasts
    <NikkiD> oh yes, skweeky, yes, yes
    <NikkiD> OH YES&#33;
    * Skweeky moves the vibrator even faster while massagin one breast and biting the nipple of the other
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced REM - Everybody Hurts.mp3]
    * NikkiD screams loudly
    <NikkiD> OMG SKWEEKY&#33;
    * Skweeky crashes next to Nikki
    <NikkiD> I have never cum that hard before
    <Skweeky> what&#39;s wrong?
    <Skweeky> me neither
    <Skweeky> really
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Meatloaf - Not A Dry Eye In The House.mp3]
    * NikkiD whispers something in skweeky&#39;s ear
    * Skweeky giggles
    <Skweeky> u mean that?
    <Skweeky> ok then
    <NikkiD> Rat_Faced?
    <Skweeky> hun?
    <Skweeky> u here?
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Lindisfarne - Meet Me On The Corner.mp3]
    <NikkiD> come and join us?
    <Skweeky> please?
    <NikkiD> I don&#39;t think he wants to skweeky
    <Skweeky> no, he doesn&#39;t want to join in
    <Skweeky> give me cigarette then Nik
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Guus Meeuwes - Het is een nacht.mp3]
    * NikkiD lights two cigarettes passes one to skweeky
    <Skweeky> thanks
    <Skweeky> yes I&#39;m starting to enjoy this kinda stuff
    <NikkiD> me too skweeky, me too
    <Skweeky> maybe we should meet on regular bases?
    <NikkiD> I&#39;m thinking that would be good idea
    <Skweeky> yes yes, me too
    * Rat_Faced thinks soldiers will like that
    <Skweeky> RF&#39;s soldiers?
    <NikkiD> bases... get it?
    <Skweeky> lmao
    <Skweeky> yes
    <Skweeky> what do u think?
    <Skweeky> gangbang?
    <NikkiD> mmmmm
    <NikkiD> k
    * [VanDiem|] has joined #KLchat
    <Rat_Faced> [&#33;Rat_Faced Easy Lover.mp3]
    <Skweeky> k, join us guys, we&#39;re waiting
    <Rat_Faced> roflmao
    * ^M|k0r^ stalks onto the stage going like a lion going in for the kill
    * [VanDiem|] walks on and gets underwear thrown at him
    * [VanDiem|] from KILLA_SIN&#33;
    <Skweeky> lmao&#33;&#33;&#33;
    <^M|k0r^> ahaha
    <[VanDiem|]> coem on Rat_Faced
    <NikkiD> T, would you voice the room please?
    <[VanDiem|]> do your entrance
    <[VanDiem|]> no it is peacful with that orrible lot quiet
    <Rat_Faced> Ldies and gentlemen please return to your seats
    <[VanDiem|]> LOL
    <[VanDiem|]> is it over now?
    <NikkiD> yes
    <[VanDiem|]> im lost

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    Another show? Are you trying to make it routine.

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    Dec 2002
    That was soooo funny&#33;&#33;&#33;Excellent&#33;&#33;Im bringing my own seat for the next performance.....

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    Jan 2003
    Can we have some pictures in the next story release.

    Then we could sell it to Hustler magazine&#33;

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    Jan 2003
    Do you have a Gold CArd Data?
    Else, better forget it.
    Some things really aren&#39;t for free.

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    Originally posted by Ron@11 February 2003 - 16:40
    Do you have a Gold CArd Data?
    Else, better forget it.
    Some things really aren&#39;t for free.*
    What are you talking people over in chat are always sending people pics for free.

    Even if they don&#39;t want them...freaks&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    Originally posted by Ron@11 February 2003 - 21:40
    Do you have a Gold CArd Data?
    Else, better forget it.
    Some things really aren&#39;t for free.
    Will these do?

    If so, bring them pics on&#33;&#33;&#33;

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