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Thread: Photoshop Cs

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    Can someone help me to install Photoshop CS that I dl'ed the other day. Whenever I try pressing the install button it works fine until it's all done loading then it say's something like needs to work on a windows 2000 machine or higher. Help!

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    It only works on 2000/XP.

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    u need a crack 2 make it work:

    File:Adobe.PhotoShop.CS.v8.0.CRACKFiX-PARADOX.rar|Length:1178311 Bytes, 1150KB|UUHash:=kXeYrlgxkSJLkVOJS1ULWsWOz6o=

    note that this crack is 4 the IBM version...........

    if u have a mac version it wont work on an IBM computer........ that may be your problem, or your windows version might not b new enough..........

    if u have a mac, ur prolly tryin 2 install the ibm version on it
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    Oh ok thanx people. Lol. I'm dumb. I only have Win98se. My mind was totally not working late night or I could of seen that for myself. Lol. But thanx for the help though.


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