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Thread: How Do I Uninstall Word 97 Without A Cd

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    By mistake i deleted some of word 97 files
    Now it dosnt open any word file
    and i dont have its cd to uninstall
    kndly help me in uninstalling this s\w

    Also mention any site that provides free word processing s/w
    i ll be gratefull to all of u

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    some error occured due to which it appeared twice

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    you could try star office (free, compatible with M&#036 ... not sure of url ... try google?

    or, there is a lovely thing called Kazaa, and it has no shortage of M$ software .... ie try a search for office xp ...

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    Easy, just delete the folder, find all files in the explorer then erase it. If you have a registry medic or registry crawler, find all the necessary files associated with, then delete it.

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    Do what camille said then go to kazaa and download office 97 or 2000
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Thanks Keikan


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