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Thread: Poisoned' Taps Fasttrack Network

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    Several different groups have been trying for some time to tap into the FastTrack network. These attempts have rarely been successfull as they have often been countered by changes in the FastTrack network encryption. New P2P program "poisoned" successfully manages to do this and well as linking to several other networks. It is currently available for the Mac.

    The number of downloads have been soaring for Poison in recent weeks since its release. It is now the second most downloaded P2P application for the Mac.

    This new program has been released just weeks after Sharman told Slyck that they would be supporting "more operating systems" probably including the Mac with Kazaa 3.0.

    Sharman have been known to be aggressive in clamping down on unauthorized copies of kazaa. It remains to be seen if they or others will remove Poisoned access to the FastTrack network.

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    macs just got a little cooler, now they don't have to goto ipod for music, we @ kazaa have great remixes of all the new artists out

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    It needs a bit of work yet...

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    Can I upload to fasttrack?
    No, not at this time, however this is being worked on by the gift-fasttrack team. 


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