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Thread: .mwv

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    do i need new codec's inorder to view this file

    how do i get it to play

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    wmv i mean .........sorry

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    wmv stands for Windows Media Video.
    So if you got a wmp(Windows Media Player) you don't need a special codec for it.

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    yep got wmp, won't paly the file (love actually)

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    Does it say anything(wmp)about not wanting to play the file?
    It might be corrupt or damaged.If not i'm not sure what to do.
    Maybe you should update your wmp with additional codecs afterall.

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    no wmp9 has drm

    dont do that and stop telling people to do that

    try it in

    and you need the klite codec pack, if it doesn't play in videolan its a fake, I doubt kazaa has many real love actual files


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