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Thread: 24 Season 3

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    Hi there. Uh, I know I'm a noob (only at posting topics though, I've been reading the forums for ages) but what I was wondering was this- Is anyone else having trouble getting 24 season 3 eps?? I only ask because I had no bother getting seasons 1 and 2, and I CAN find the episode files, but they are all stuck on more sources/ remotely queued pretty much permanently. I've tried jumping supernodes, and I'm clicking find more sources religiously. any ideas??? thanx for your time. c ya

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    Pages 2 and 3 here have season 3 episodes.

    You might also try IRC.

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    Damn, is there a season 3 already????

    They are just airing season 2 over here in Holland.....

    What's season 3 about???


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