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Thread: Can't Figure It Out

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    Sorry but I don't understand.

    games come with .cue, .bin, .img, .ccd etc

    u mount them and open up install on hd - thats simple

    but I can't mount .sub files
    when I install the games it works but eventually it asks
    for CDkey or whatever and I have a feeling that this info
    is contain in the .sub file but I cant access it.

    I have halflife and warcraft3 and these are the problems
    that I'm facing.

    I'm using Alcohol 120%

    please help!!

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    Just mount it like you have been doing, the key/crack should be in an nfo file you got from download, or on the CD.

    If all else fails, you can search Google for a CD key.

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    You dont need the sub file when you mount it, there isnt any usefull info in them.

    Sub files come with a img and a ccd file this files are native to clone cd
    the img file is similar to the bin file and the ccd file to a cue file. In the sub file the subchannel data is stored, this can be important when copying a copyright protected files.

    Edit:Taken from clonecd FAQ:

    What are these three Image Files which are written to my Hard disk?

    The three files written (with the ending *.CCD, *.IMG and *.SUB) are
    CCD - The CloneCD control file. It contains information about the logical structure of the CD. The CCD file is an ASCII text file. Experienced users may want to modify it.
    IMG - Image, the main channel data of all tracks of the CD
    SUB - Sub Channel Data, the sub channel data of all tracks of the CD

    The three files must be in the same directory. They must have the same "front" name, e.g. Clone CD Image.ccd, CloneCD Image.img and Clone CD  Image.sub. It is a good idea to create separate directories for Image Files from different CDs

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