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Thread: I Want To See This Movie!

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    is the movie irreversible available anywhere in english or at least english
    subtitles? i have dl the movie in fr, spanish, italian, hindi, farsi, martian
    but not english..
    if anyone has......

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    Did you tri and search for it?

    Its on kazaa,ive d'/ed it.

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    It's not available in English. A lot of French movies are not available in English!

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    thanks sushi... thats what i figured ..but would've loved to see it

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    Originally posted by pempym@21 November 2003 - 18:53
    thanks sushi... thats what i figured ..but would've loved to see it
    If you do download the movie you might be able to find the subtitles somewhere on the Net,there are so many sites if you search Google.

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    go to dl for on the net they have a program that allows u to subtitle it yourself with a laungage decoder its good get any thing u dont understand to english

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    You can also go to and get the eng. subtitles there.

    it provides hundres of subtitles in all different languages.


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    alex thanks so much ...i did dl irreversible form, got a converter and converted to ssa form..unfortunately there is error in avi file so virtual dub
    wont let me play it there and watch it and add the ssa file..
    but i dl something called subviewer and it runs the title along the bottom of the movie and im watching it in real player now but i would love to burn this to cd
    but subviewer doesnt have the ability to open video and run sub title only the subtitle...anything you can suggest so i can capture the movie with the sub?

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    Try using Vdub Mp3 to check for errors in the avi file and then try redownloading the corrupt parts with kazaa corruption fixer. That might help you get rid of the errors and you will be able to play the movie with a decent subitle in bs player or any other player.

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    d!mensio ..vdub mp3 still gives me the same error and i cant load that file

    Invalid avi file:chunk at xxx extend outside of parent by xxx bytes

    i have kl v 2.43 where is corruption fixer?

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