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Thread: Using My Tv Out While Surfing/playing Games?

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    Is there any way I can connect up my pc to my tv and watch movies while playing games or on msn etc?

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    bob_the_alien's Avatar Bob The Alien
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    It's fairly simple (if your using XP) just hook the TV out to the tv, then right click on the desktop, click properties, and you should see 2 monitors under the settings, then click on the second monitor, and click extend desktop.

    As soon as you hit ok, you should now have your desktop extended to the TV, just drag the programs you want to use to the TV, and you can play movies, or whatever.

    I, personally, download allot of anime, and prefer to watch those on the TV, and I'm usually watching anime on the TV while surfing the internet, or doing graphic or web design or just about anything else on the monitor. If you’re running XP, having two monitors is very simple.
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    Thanks bob very informative. Sounds easy-peasy


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