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Thread: Shrinking Hd

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    My C: Drive upon startup says I have a little over 3 gigs..and in very little time I start getting prompts asking me if I want to uninstall anything to freeup space. I Update and Download Virus Defs Daily...Dump Cache and IE Temp Files daily also Defragging rather often...and running Spybot and Adaware. I had my page file system on my c: drive turned off and only enabled on the D: Drive. I went and re-enabled the Page file system On C: to see if it would phase anything..and no dice..didn't put a dent in the problem at all. I'm reallly stumped at what this is or what is causing this. Any Help would be appreciated, Thanks in Advance.

    System Specs:

    Intel P4 D845WN Mobo
    Intel P4 1.5 CPU
    640 SDRAM
    Windows XP Home Edition

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    decrease your recycle bin or turn it off and you could turn off system restore aswell if its enabled, also with reference to your page file set the size yourself making the initial size the same as the maximum size, 2.5x your installed memory is a good start, but at least what windows recommends, ie start at say 400mb and finish at 400mb, it wont fragment and it will stay in the same place other than what you are doing already im not sure what else you could do.

    edit...ive just seen that you have quite a bit of memory installed so set the page file as low as you can get away with

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    I'm not sure if this has any direct bearing on what is going on..but I did recently find a trojan on my sysem using Anti-Trojan 5.5 after the scan it prompted me to reboot for things to i'm assuming that it ridded me of that particular trojan...but is it possible it has created/latched on associations to the trojan elsewhere? Why NAV Corporate 8.1 didn't catch this...kinda pisses me off. I'm not sure how long that had been on my that it was found out by the Anti-Trojan program that had been put on my system within the last few weeks, and not Norton.

    Norton Corporate 8.1 Log

    *few other dates showing this worm*


    AVG Log

    11/18/03-Trojan horse Dropper.Swicer.A (Showed up 3x)

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    What exactly is the problem, that you are actually down to 3 GBs or that Windows keeps nagging you about it?
    If you are not having any other troubles and are just tired of MS playing Mommy all the time, then disable "low disk space notification".
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Problem is that ..when I check to see what HD Space I have available on my C: Drive it says roughly 3.5 gigs..within less then 30 min..0 available Space is left and this shouldn't be happening. It would be nice if it were just getting that notification..and that easy. Space on my C: drive shouldn't be getting zapped like that down to 0KB..and it has gotten down to just that 0KB..and I have to reboot..and gives me no Functionality of my system.

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    Ah, I see.

    And the missing space reappears after rebooting, only to ebb away again?
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Yep...that is exactly what is happening.

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    Get Tweek XP.

    That little prog got me back alot of HD space.

    Amazing app, try it.

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    something more is needed then just using say disk cleanup for this I think.

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    HAve you installed one or those registry monitoring tools? I had that proble once, 500mb text log file in about 30 mins.

    Oh, and Norton corporate is not an anti trojan. Trojans are trojans, viruses are viruses. Some are similar enough to cross the line and be caught but most are unique.

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