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Thread: Cigarettes

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    Quit smoking for a couple of months, but I had to restart. How do people drink without smoking, the two go together like bacon and eggs, apple pie and ice cream, or even Coors Light twin #1 and Coors light twin #2. I guess the healthy livin' is just not for me.

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    i Started Smoking when i was 19 - for a year i just watched my friends pull out a smoke every chance they got - so one day - i said what the fuck might as well try it . Now i'm 24 - and aftering smoking Newports for about 2 years - I learned they contain Fiber glasses? which cuts up the lungs or something - so i switched to marlboro Ultra Lights - working on quiting though

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    well i heard that 1 joint is as bad as 500 cigarettes
    but theres still no proof....

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    smoke of the herbal variety is bad 4 u...... no really it is
    *takes a nice long toke on a joint a exhales*
    it's not as harmful as they make out
    the goverments just try and make it seem much more damaging and make it illegal because it is difficult to tax it. Unlike alcohol which is a nice taxable drug

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    I smoke Indonesian cigarettes called kretek, it's made of tobacco and cloves. And the filter is coated with sugar.

    It's sooooo goooooooood, and gives some new and funny cancers that change with the ordinary lung cancer.

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    I smoke Prince Ultra Lights, they are mainly sold in Scandinavia.
    In Norway they have 50% of the cigarettes market!

    Emphysema Lung with Tar (black)

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    That lung looks delicious.....I love a nice char-broiled piece of meat!
    Smothered in ketchup!

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    Player's light (hack*wheeeze*choke) King Size.

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