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    I am a fairly new member and am not that computer literate. How can I download my files to make them available to those on the site?

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    The team is fine.

    The team is probably better than ever... you trolls can all go home. Nothing to see here. Scott even said there have been dozens of other fights in the NJ locker room... including altercations between RJ and K-Mart.

    And now they joke around together.

    You trolls don't know the team. Neither do I.

    But you want to know my opinion?

    * Alonzo Mourning. He hasn't done * for the Nets. I could give a flying * what he did for Miami. Miami isn't New Jersey. I didn't watch the old Heat.

    Martin and Jefferson, on the other hand, have been integral parts in the NJ lineup for 2 straight seasons.

    If you can't take being laughed at, retire.

    QQ some more.

    And if you can dish out the trashtalk, expect it back. "My kidney, my kidney!" IS FUNNY. I LAUGHED WHEN I READ IT.

    Mourning hasn't proven jack * to me. He is not a leader on the team *I* watch. I hope that changes. I hope he becomes capable of playing more... but he won't get the minutes unless he produces. He needs to rebound.

    Once he helps my team, maybe then I'll care about his feelings and the fragility of them.

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