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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me With This Virus?

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    Normally, I don't have problems beating viruses made by most people, but this one has me stumped. First of all, it disables the regestry, so I can't kill it there. Second, it won't let me kill the process. Third, it shuts down my computer every couple of hours. It also spikes the system resource usage to 100% every few seconds. The name of the process is winudpa.exe. I know where in c:\windows\system32 the exe file is, but of course i can't delete it cause it is running. Anyways, anyone have any ideas of how i can beat this. Did I metion that none of the virus scan programs will pick it up. Please help someone.


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    have you tried using a different regedit program ??

    As for the winudpa.exe, maybe you can delete it from dos or in safe mode. Try see if its in the start up too.

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    ok, ive tried dos, so that didnt work, but as for safe mode, i will try that. But what are other regedit programs, and where can i get them? thanks for the reply, btw

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    neattairoski, you are my savior. Safe mode worked like a charm, thanks a lot. So anyone who ever gets this virus, go to safe mode, delete anything on the system called winudpa as well as anything in the reg with the same name. And thanks again neattairoski.

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    Make sure no applications were affected.


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