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Thread: which is your all time favorite movie ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by animetedzone View Post
    my favorite movie is train to Boston and how to train your dragon 2 and the Kun fu panda
    KF Panda a great choice. I seem to recall a lot of Ninjas on roof tops and a tiger being the bad 'guy'.... some crap about blossoms on a magic tree as well. Been many many years since I watched that one Anyway good choice. The latest How to train ain`t bad either, put up with the 1xbet stuff and it is a good CAM out there.

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    Wow,me too...

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    KFP was a good entertaining movie, but not much of a rewatch value. A favourite movie to me is one you'd have in your collection and rewatch every so often. Not sure what mine is, there are plenty of classic movies that did something new, matrix etc which would be in there though.

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    Titanic is my favorite moive, when I was sad, and I would feel lucky, still fight for live. lol

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    I love all Marvel movies

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