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Thread: which is your all time favorite movie ???

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    The 5th Element

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    Toy Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessd4life View Post
    The 5th Element
    Quote Originally Posted by mjd73ks View Post
    Toy Story
    The licensed games these got on the PlayStation were good, I'll say.
    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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    Shawshank Redemption.

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    As a liberal, I believe in other people's right to be completely out of their/them's minds.

    Doesn't matter though, soon I will get funding to make my masterpiece Big Explosions Don't Obscure the Boobs.
    I'm hoping it will star Jason Statham as the ex-special forces operative betrayed by the government and whatever actress with really nice tits and low morals is available. No ghey characters either so selling it to China won't require any recutting.
    Respect my lack of authority.

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    The Game with Michael Douglas

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    Heat with De Niro and Pacino

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    Hum Sath Sath Hain All Time My Favorite Movie

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    The best movie that Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox made for the whole family of all ages.
    Ice Age is a movie full of charm, kind-hearted characters with good humour and with good music and songs.

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    "I just remembered something that happened a long time ago."

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