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Thread: VIDEO: How to repair NZB Downloads

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    i use neewsleecher wit raepar and extract.
    This program do it al lalone and shut downt the pc after itīs done...

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    nice thanks bro i use the trick alot

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    Excellent! Just what I was searching for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piercerseth View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ALpHaMoNk View Post
    what if some of your files are half and half? i been running into that lately where some of the files are names (I have auto-unpack running as well) sometimes i have files that are in correct names and some in the numbers format and quickpar doesn't know how to merge the two..any help?
    First off, consider switching over to MultiPAR.

    Next time you get those half and half files run the .par2 and then drag-n-drop all the rars into the application and let it do its magic.
    MultiPAR is very good

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