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Thread: Looking For Master And Commander

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    I have downloaded master and commander but they do not play.
    Is there anyone out there that knows of a hash yet?

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    I got a copy from - it seems to work

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    The question was s does anyone HERE at Kazaa Lite have the hashes for Master and Commander?

    It seems that a lot of the more computer savvy people here have simply stopped using Kaaza for the newer downloads. My guess In the coming months I think we can expect to see less and less available Hashes for current flicks here.

    I've already downloaded but the speeds are slighty above zero. I think speed problem is because I'm using a router. So until I get some help comfiguring it with Suprnova I'm guess I'm stuck using Kazaa lite.

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    i've been trying to get the 1.4GB version of the movie for days now

    nobody is seeding...


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