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Thread: Noob Movie "quality" Help

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    i haven't downloaded too many movies before
    & i think as a rule the bigger the file the better the quality
    but with compression this might not be true
    so - the difference between Xvid & Svcd is ????
    i'll be running from harddisk & NOT burning it

    ie from (emule)
    which is better & why ?

    finding nemo (svcd)
    video - ws,1950kbps,5-pass
    audio - 224 kbps,44.1khz


    finding nemo (xvid)
    video - 2 pass 817kbits/s
    audio - mpeg1 audiolayer3
    150kbps VBR,48khz

    the svcd numbers appear better but would the resolution & quality be
    that much better than the xvid one ?

    any USEFULL help would be appreciated

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    After reading all the reviews by the pro's on all types of quality of movies in this forum I believe the SVCD will be a superior quality then the Xvid.

    We'll see what the rest of the people think.

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    thanks for a useful comment
    & a good program to join CD1 & CD2
    together would be ??????????

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    Easy video joiner I find this tool very useful to join my movie files.Hope it helps.

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    My experience is that .AVI files are much better quality than .mpeg files
    The fun thing of mpeg (svcd) that you can play them on your normal dvd player.
    But still, avi file look much better. Maybe a bit slower sometimes but better none the less.

    700+ mb avi files for me....

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    1st goolgle for "lossless codec" or "lossless compression" then u will understand how compression works a little better(hopefully)

    2nd google for "containers AND avi"

    all the popular ones like divx,xvid, ect... are lossy. Meaning this:
    If you capture 2 minutes of uncompressed video with your digicam, then compress with mpeg or divx or xvid or whatever lossy codec will not get back the original video information. that's why it's called "lossy" you lose some data. Huffyuv is an example of a lossless codec. It gives back the same data information you give to it, but manages somehow to compress the video anyway to make it smaller(but huffyuv videos will always be bigger than the lossy codecs). to the question of which "are bigger videos better quality" sometimes, yes. but rather its better to look at the codec used, the video bitrate, the audio bitrate, and the encoder/encoding method. In the example you gave, i would say, the xvid might be just as good if not better than the svcd but that's a guess, you didn't post a screenshot of the render in g-spot so i'm not 100% sure. One warning though, if you try to re-encode that xvid to svcd you will probably get desync'ed audio, because of the vbr mp3.

    good rule of thumb:
    don't mess with vbr mp3
    don't initiate a download on a movie with very small resolution like 120x80, that's too small, i normally won't mess with anything lower than 480x480
    xvid and divx can get away with bitrates as low as 700kbps and still look good, depending on who encoded them, svcd(mpeg2, has its own matrix, different than dvd) can look good as low as 1500kbps, dvd(mpeg2, has its own matrix, different than svcd) can look good as low as 2000kbps?? i'm not sure on the dvd bitrates.
    if possible, download the images, and burn svcd's. it's easier than re-encoding to svcd, and the end result will usually look better.

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    yeah mediaslayers right you should check the resolution, 640 time 480 is really good quality but they are usually bigger files. And for finding nemo I downloaded the same 1 its okay quality

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    Stick with SVCD....XVID is still in its infancy and can be a real pain in the ass (audio/video sync problems.. when it comes to re-encoding for VCD's etc.....
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    Dropping Xvid for SVCD is like leaving Jetsons to get stuck with the Flintstones. :-)

    There lots of so-called SVCDs (which will never look as good as a proper Xvid rip and are at least double their size) with non-standard pic and audio that will stutter madly on a standalone player or go like slow baritone if you just burn a few of them straight to a DVD.

    There are lots of Divx (therefore also Xvid) compatible standalone players on the market today. I just burn them straight to DVDs with no reconversion whatsoever. Especially for TV series, I usually have 9 hours worth of perfect pic/sound episodes on a single DVD.

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