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Thread: New Vid Card , Somewhat Old Comp

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    I am running a 1.8ghz 512 ram comp with an old Geforce 2 MX/MX400. I havnt been able to play any of the newer games under acceptible 1024 x ... or higher graphics resolutions. With my current computer what would be the best vid card i could get and still be around my budget? Prefably a NVidea or Radeon. Also with the Holiday season coming up, when would be a good time to buy a card? Before or after christmas?

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    i would probaly get a ati radeon 9600pro

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    Hmm, ive heard that from a few people now, is that card rare?

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    After Christmas would be a good time, there are usually sales....
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    i saw a different manufactured version (not official ATI) of the 9800 nonpro for about $150.

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    Originally posted by Wolfmight@22 November 2003 - 18:01
    i saw a different manufactured version (not official ATI) of the 9800 nonpro for about $150.
    that seem like a good deal but the non official part....

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    Radion is definatly the best, but you will spend more on it. If you wanna get a good card, but dont wanna spend a lot, get a GeForce 4 ro GeForce 4 fx

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    I would look at the Ati 9500 pro before the 9600. Im not sure of the price now but it is better in the tests I saw. The Ti 4200 card is nice also for nvida..

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    theres not really a best card...its wat you like...i have an Asylum GeForce 5200 it has 128mb and runs games pretty good, and it has tv-out which i love...wat kind of gaming are you doing, i mean yur not wanna get a $200 256mb card if u just playing games like pong...

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    Well, i d/l games off of BT, most of the up-to-date games whicha re pretty graphically demanding. I also play games like BF1942, KOTOR, Unreal 2003, NFSU, etc, basically somewhat graphically demanding games which employ DX8 or higher. My graphics card right now jsut cant handle most of the games, the play is sluggish and im not gonna have time forever to goof off and play games (college is gonna be a bitch)

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